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Tips for creating real-estate images and videos
Today, real-estate agencies are only one of the parties that take pictures of real-estate for sale or rent, therefore, the race to get clients' attention is even larger. In addition to each description, you must pay detailed attention to the pictures attached, since it is hardly possible to successfully conclude a real-estate business without it.
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The power of images - real estate tips for Pinterest and Instagram
Images play a pivotal role when selling a real-estate - buyers get a glimpse of their prospective new homes and decide whether they are going to buy it or not. Therefore, there's even more responsibility on the shoulders of real-estate agents if they publish their work on a social networking site that deals mainly with images.
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Life beyond Facebook - what other social networking channels are there for real-estate agents?
Facebook is the de facto social networking site today, but you shouldn't forget about the rest of the sites, since their services are used by quite a lot of people as well. They are somewhat different from Facebook, so there are a few guidelines to consider when using them.
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This is how real-estate agents use your Facebook-addiction
Facebook has become the most popular social networking site, so it offers numerous advantages if you decide to use it. You can easily reach your target audience with some invested energy, time, and attention.
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5+1 social media tips for real estate agents
Today, if you can't find something on the Internet, it doesn't exist. We all grab our smartphones and start typing if we want to know more about something. The potential clients had already had their first impressions before they met us, therefore, you need to ensure that they see a positive image. Here are some tips as to how we can get more followers and clients as real estate agents.
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