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Easy yet effective marketing ideas for real estate agents
Those good old times are long gone when buyers were looking for properties in newspaper advertisements or calling real estate agents based on telephone books. These methods had been replaced by online searching so it is essential for an agency to be present on the social media platforms and use the online and offline possibilities given by 21st century.
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Make it SOLD!
Considering the huge and ever-growing market of real estates, it is pretty difficult to make an outstanding advert, but here is the best help to make it so.
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Offline is not off the line
Top tips for real estate agents in Singapore for a successful offline marketing
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How to be a successful real estate agent by going visual?
What is the psychology behind “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Why is it important to create a constructive image as a real estate agent?
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General advice for real-estate agencies: making contact, creating advertisements
A successful real-estate agent is familiar with all things current, and, employs them as well. They pay attention to the tiniest details of the whole selling process, so that everything should go as planned. But what is it exactly that you need to pay attention to?
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