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Urge customers without haste
Pushing clients and rush them into a decision has never ever been rewarding. Maybe in the spur of the moment it is, but having unhappy customers on the long run will never satisfy your business.
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The art of negotiating among realtors - part 2: For seller’s agents
An agent’s role is to successfully negotiate, keep the client’s targets in mind and make everyone feel satisfied.
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The art of negotiating among realtors - part 1: For buyer’s agents
The most crucial part of a deal is closing it. When it comes to negotiating, you better make it quick, otherwise it will turn into an undesirable, and never-ending torture.
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Top 10 Forbes' Essential Sales Tips For Real Estate Agents
Each real estate agent who is looking to make it big in the industry and have serious goals in their carriers want to get to the top of the real estate market. Along their paths, there are hurdles and challenges that need to be overcome, but most agents have a mentor in their agency who can guide them along the way.
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6 Reasons to Be a Real Estate Agent
There aren't many ways to get out of a stagnant wage rate, but owning your own business is one of these methods. It can provide a lifetime of benefits, provided that you run it successfully.
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