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Property listing quickly, simply and effectively. Try our listing options and use the power of the Property Group portfolio!
Simple & Comfortable
Create your listings quickly, comfortably and free of charge. You just have to fill in the key details and your listing goes live immediately in front of the visitors.
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The thematic sites of the Property Group have been created to cover all demand. All listings created on Agent.sg will appear on all of these websites.
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Although the Property Group portfolio includes several listing sites, there is no need to create separate ads. With the centralized managing you can manage all in one place.
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Real estate agents, you say? Wasn't the internet supposed to drive them out of business?
Property listing sites of our portfolio
Currently there are 13 new real estate listing sites in the Property Group portfolio on which your listings can be shown and your clients can find the real estate of their dreams. The portfolio includes six sites for residential listings and four for commercial properties.