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First half of 2018 sees Singaporeans growing portfolios in Europe with 3.4 billion USD investments
H1 brought Singapore's investment to 36% of Asia's total outbound spending leading the activity in the region - CBRE revealed in their statement recently.
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10 tips from Hubspot if you want to make real-estate money with social media
Just like 100% of all the other marketing-experts, we love Hubspot, whose advice is worth taking when it comes to things to do and not to do on social media. Here's their take on social media marketing strategies that is sure to bring you new business.
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Tips and tricks for an attention grabbing real-estate ad
Let's see what you need to have in store for a successful ad for selling your property.
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DIY real estate agent - or should we stick with the real ones?
Real estate agents, you say? Wasn't the internet supposed to drive them out of business?
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Property agents - scam, or for real?
When you (and your significant other) make a decision to go on a journey that ends with one of the biggest and most important transactions in life - i.e. buying a house or an apartment - looking into your real estate agent is not the first thing on your mind.
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