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2020 Guide for renting a cheap studio apartment in Singapore

Singapore has one of the most expensive costs of living in Asia.

This is because it is ranked as the second densest country in the world. Singapore ranked next to Monaco. This means that Singapore is too crowded. The high number of residents is due to the many job opportunities it offers. The large number of businesses in Singapore is the reason why there are also many job vacancies.

With this, many people from around the world try to flock to the busy streets of Singapore. This makes it harder to find housing in Singapore since there is tough competition. A $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore unit is very rare these days. It would take a skilled Singapore property agent to find the most practical unit. That is why we have prepared a 2020 guide for renting a cheap studio apartment in Singapore.

What is a studio apartment?

It is a relatively smaller apartment compared to the regular ones. The usual apartments that have separate rooms, a studio apartment is just one big room for everything. The bed space, living room, and kitchen are found in one place. The only separate space is the bathroom. It is perfect especially for people who like to live alone. It gives just enough space for a living and it has many advantages.

Studio apartments are less costly than regular apartments. They are also easier to maintain since they are smaller. They are usually a total of 600 square feet. However, it can get to as small as 300 square feet. They are usually what you can find with a $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore options. Your Singapore property agent can find you the best deals when it comes to this.

Tips to remember

#1 Know your budget

Before you can go on the journey of finding a studio apartment, you must know your budget. You should ask yourself what you can afford. Can you afford a $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore or something less costly?

Your budget would give you direction when looking for a cheap apartment. It is one of the most important factors because you can only rent what you can afford. You can ask your Singapore property agent about these things. If they are knowledgeable about the property market they can lead you to the perfect apartment without compromising your budget.

You should just stick to what you can afford because there are many options. $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore units is cheap enough and has many decent options. You should not compromise other expenses to afford a grand apartment. A good Singapore property agent has a wide variety when it comes to these apartments.

#2 Prioritize accessibility

One of the many factors that you should consider is accessibility. Your apartment should be near everything. It should be near your workplace or is easily accessible. $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore units are usually in working areas. This is because they are really intended for a cheap housing alternative to working individuals.

When choosing an apartment, you should observe if it is near transport services like bus and taxi stops. Another important factor is being near train stations and supermarkets. You will not realize it early on but you will be saving a lot more money in the long run. If your workplace and other basic necessities are far from your apartment, then you would be spending more on transportation when going to these places.

#3 Hire a property agent

When you want to acquire a property, hire a Singapore property agent. They are the experts to hire when you want a $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore. They know the property market very well. This is why they would be able to tell you where the best deals are. They can find apartments that are perfect for your budget and what you want. Then, find cheap deals near your workplace and close by to the other necessities. Your money that would be spent on hiring a Singapore property agent would be worth it since you would have sure results.

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Author: Grace Segundo