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Best Electronic Home Locks in Singapore 2021

Home security is going digital. Read ahead to find the best electronic lock to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings.

The 24.9% annual drop annual drop in Singapore's housebreaking crimes comes as no surprise as companies continue to reimagine the future of home security technologies. No longer do you need to worry about misplacing your house keys, when electronic locks open your front door with the swipe of a finger or pincode access. We've chosen and reviewed our top picks amongst dozens of top-rated smart locks on the market.

1. Singgate FM109

The Singgate FM109 is a great gate lock, designed for your metal gate instead of the wooden front door. In place of the common gate security box, the FM109 acts as both the lock and the gate handle. This option may be among the cheapest on the list (approximately 13% less costly than the average electronic lock), but it holds up next to its competitors with 3 unlocking methods and a unique emergency USB charging feature that allows you to plug in your phone charger in the case you're locked outside with a dying battery.

Price: S$365.00 (from Shopee)

2. Kaiser+ M-1190

The Kaiser+ M-1190 is a rim lock that can be used on your home door. It acts as a deadbolt (often used as a secondary lock), but is popularly used as a primary electronic home lock, as well. The M-1190 has 3 options for unlocking, including fingerprint recognition, a RFID card key, and pincode access. You also have the option of connecting to WiFi with this lock at an extra cost of S$100. If you are in need of a simple electronic lock that shares many features with more expensive locks, then the Kaiser+ M-1190 is a good option to consider for your home security needs.

Price: S$499.00 (from Shopee)

3. Yale YDR3110

The Yale YDR3110 is a rim lock that may be without the bells and whistles of a Wi-Fi enabled lock, yet serves the same purpose of protecting your home. This lock checks basic features off its list like alarms, fake codes, and automatic locking. It even includes more high-end features like the 9V battery backup feature for emergency power supply. If you don't mind only two options for unlocking your door (a passcode and card key), then the Yale YDR3110 is a good budget lock to have to protect your home.

Price: S$319.90 (from Lazada)

4. Samsung SHP-DR708

Samsung has many popular digital locks for consideration, but the SHP-DR708 stands out with its popularity and top-rated reviews. This WiFi-enabled door lock has 5 unlocking methods, which makes it one of the most versatile locks on this list. Additionally, the lock has an ergonomic push-pull design, allowing a gentle push of the handle, as opposed to turning a free handle.

With the use of a smartphone app, this door lock is able to create access logs to view who enters your home throughout the day; assist your installation with voice guides; and alert you of any suspicious movement, intrusions, and high temperatures indicating a fire. Lastly, the Samsung SHP-DR708 comes with a 9V battery backup feature for emergency power supply, as well as manual button lock which lets you unlock your door from the inside. Even though this lock is the most expensive on the list (approximately 60% costlier than our calculated average), it's one of the most comprehensive with its large catalog of safety-driven features.

Price: S$675.00 (from Shopee)

5. Starke Universal Lock

The Starke Universal Lock is a free handle smart door lock with 5 options for access: a card key, passcode, mechanical key, fingerprint recognition, and a mobile app. At S$559.00 from the original retailer site, the Universal Lock checks off every feature on the digital lock list, without straying too far from the average price of digital lock (S$420.59).

While the local company's lock rivals Samsung's digital lock with its diverse features and lower costs, the Starke Universal Lock standout features are its versatility for placement and battery life. The Universal Lock can be used on all HDB, condominium, and private estate doors in Singapore, which other locks we reviewed are either unable to do or did not make mention of. Similarly, the Universal Lock has a battery life of 1 year, as it doesn't rely on AA or 9V batteries like others on this list.

If you want a high-end smart door lock without nearing or exceeding S$1,000, then the Starke Universal lock is the top choice to consider.

Get Extra Protection With Home Insurance

In addition to securing your home with a set of electronic locks, you can protect your belongings with home insurance. Just like a smart home lock, you'll need to shop around for the best home insurance for your specific housing type. Some home insurances provide more coverage for HDB flats, while others are better suited for condos or landed properties. With the right home insurance and smart home lock, you'll be able to sleep well at night knowing that your family and belongings are protected in case of emergency.

This guest post was contributed by NATALIA SANCHEZ-KUMAR at ValueChampion