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This is how real-estate agents use your Facebook-addiction

Facebook has become the most popular social networking site, so it offers numerous advantages if you decide to use it. You can easily reach your target audience with some invested energy, time, and attention.


Creating a business account

Most social networking sites offer the possibility to create a business account, which brings many advantages. It is more credible than using your personal profile: you cannot be added as friend (as a person, you can only have a limited amount of contacts), but you can have followers (there is no limit on the number of those).

Another advantage is the possibility to analyze the main characteristics of your audience, such as age, residency, and interests, broken down even to posts, with the help of Facebook Insights.

Most common content on Facebook

There are several types of posts that you can even combine to get more views.

The most successful ones are those that contain images. However, if it has no description or any text on it, it is likely that it won't stand out from the users' news feed. Similarly, a post with text only draws less attention.


this is how real estate agents use your facebook addiction

If you share a link, it is worth adding a short description and explain briefly what is to be expected if people click.

Posting a video can also be a good solution, but that requires more foresight: Facebook plays the video muted, which can make the experience incomprehensible. Therefore, you should add subtitle, since many people browse Facebook in public places, without headsets.

Although posting pictures is the most popular type of content, it is advisable to vary the above to reach more users.

Strategic guidelines for effective posting

Whichever social networking site you're dealing with, the most basic rule is the 80/20 ratio. In essence, 80% of the shared content shouldn’t be about real estate (like free time, hobbies, DIY, etc.); only the rest, the 20%, should be about real estates for sale, highlighting the work of real estate agents, etc.


this is how real estate agents use your facebook addiction


Timing the post well is extremely important, since you'll get most of the views and feedbacks when the users are active. If posts are shown outside of these hours, they can easily get lost in the torrent of news feed. Using metrics, consider the kind of characteristics your visitors have (and at what times they are the most active) and publish your posts accordingly.

In order to gain a certain number of followers, you need to put a lot of energy into posting at least daily, and into taking the necessary amount of time creating said posts. Try to create as much original content as possible, without copying from other sources.

Increasing commitments

Posts still do play the most important role here but, just as using different types of posts, you should use different means to keep your followers interested in your content. For example, you can use:

  • polls
  • events
  • contests (Facebook Contest App)
  • creating a unique style (font type and color pairs, logos)

Additionally, it is a good idea to write a personal introduction and show your works; linking other contact information like networking sites, blogs, websites, etc. (the more places they can find your name, the better your page will rank in the search results - therefore you have to make sure to use the same name at each site).

Also, you can set a profile picture that actually shows yourself on your networking site, but pay attention to its quality and that it should make a good impression on the users. Such a picture helps you gain their trust makes you more recognizable.


Use a business account to show your enterprise and what you do, since in addition to being able to use metrics, you can also be more credible.

Apply all sorts of posts to avoid a muzzy news feed. Take enough time to create the posts, to time them and reply to comments.

There are multiple means of increasing interest and commitment by creating and executing new ideas.


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