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Make it SOLD!

Considering the huge and ever-growing market of real estates, it is pretty difficult to make an outstanding advert, but here is the best help to make it so.

First of all, seeing is believing and that is actually true. Pictures are essential and you will have to take time to produce the best pictures possible to attach them to your advertisement. An awe-insipring thumbnail is almost as important as a great headline – without it, it is almost sure that 99% of buyers will just skip your advert and never come back.

Having pictures is not enough only, they have to be good quality. If possible, use a camera with no flash - as that can be seen on the picture - and a panoramic view to make it look close and home-like. To make it even better, use natural lights mixed with internal, artificial lights and leave no dark corners.


Keep in mind that a good choice of angles can also add a lot up to your advert. Just simply make pictures from the door to the interior of the room and keep your camera horizontal.
Last but not least, attach a ground plan(make it unique – you can easly design one with basic user skills, make funny notes, like put an arrow to the living room and write next to informative data that this is where you will drink hot chocolates on rainy days etc.).

What to and what not to capture? Make sure that the whole house is on the picture and you are not only showing off the designed furnitures. Use accessories like flowers, cushions, bread or a mug of hot coffee. No such thing that you wouldn't have at home anyway and that will make it look so familiar. Avoid pets and cute family members on the pictures. Imagine if someone is looking for a house with no kids and wants to keep it that way, in this case for example a picture with a toddler on would be very off-puting. Keep it neutral and let buyer's imagination implement the people of their own.


Make it different! I know it is easy to say to be different and outsanding and creative, but what do you do if you lack creative veins?
Explain your buyers why would they be crazy to cease the opportunity of living in that peculiar house. You would assume when checking listing you need to be the same as everyone else but what actually you need to be is one of a kind so that buyers would be interested since you are not as boring as all the rest. It is not easy to think outside of the box, but it is definitely worth.

Think it, write it, sell it! An eye-catching headline is a must, the only way to draw prior attention is to write an outstanding first impression. Decide who you are aiming at (families, students, young adults etc.) and according to that, explain the property's main advantages. A clear and inspiring description gives an overview of what the reader is going to get in the main text, but it is important to keep the attention at its highest peak.

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The body text includes details of the house like number of rooms, ground space, situation, address, garage, extras, and should definitely tell the guide price without it being unduly high. You can write a text that would please the buyer in a way that he or she can emotionally engage with your property. Explain how much you enjoyed to use the swing on Sunday afternoons or eat ice cream on the front porch. It doesn't have to be true, but it could be for them.

These tiny details make the reader want to go there and have the same good experiences. People usually want to buy good feelings and treats, they just do not know it. But you do, so use it well!

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