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The art of negotiating among realtors - part 1: For buyer’s agents

The most crucial part of a deal is closing it. When it comes to negotiating, you better make it quick, otherwise it will turn into an undesirable, and never-ending torture.

A strategy that buyer’s agents usually use is called nibbling. To get the most out of the asking price they start asking for small things that adds up in the end as a valuable amount. It can be anything from fixing certain parts of the house to leaving peculiar pieces of furniture.

Being an agent for a buyer, it is a very lucrative method to work your way into clients’ hearts on the long run, too. Be careful, don’t ask for too much and stay fair. In reverse, you can use these small perks for urging them to close the deal.

the art of negotiating among realtors

As a buyer’s agent, always have a back up plan. This will give you peace of mind when it comes to negotiating. When you start to use different tools to throw seller off balance, it might ricochet. At the point you start negotiations, make sure your are reactive and ready to make a bargain.

Buyers will reach out for you to get the best deal possible for them, if you mastered your skills in negotiating. Always have a plot for any punchlines as an experienced real estate agent.

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