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How to be a successful real estate agent by going visual?

What is the psychology behind “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Why is it important to create a constructive image as a real estate agent?

First of all, just think of the importance of visibility in your everyday life. You might be afraid of the dark just because you can’t see who’s coming. Would you trust someone faceless? The key word is trust, when it comes to becoming visible. You need to gain trust in buyers and the first and most valuable step is to have a real face.

A picture is not only worth a thousand words but a thousand associations. You start to build a picture of that particular person in your head. So actually when buyers see a gloomy picture on a real estate agent’s profile, they will start to feel blurred, too about that person. Would you investigate in a real estate whose agent is hiding his/her identity. I doubt it and here is why:

How to be a better real estate agent by going visual

People are social beings and will want to get to know their agent as they associate their future home-to-be with them on the first place. And it is just as valuable and important for the real estate agent as for the buyer. People who feel like they know you and they have a good experience too, will pass your name onto the next clients, their friends.

Accordingly, knowing your agent and being know to your buyers is important because it works like every other social nexus. You get to know people, you build up confidence and in case of marketing, you recommend them. Therefore having an extra fine quality picture that will associate with your name is a must. When someone says the word firework, you visually think of multicoloured popping dots on the night sky, not the letters f,i,r,e,w,o,r and k written next to each other, and that is the kind of context you wish to achieve. Studies show that thinking visually is a substantial feature of the human brain.

How to be a better real estate agent by going visual

That also means that just having a picture is not enough, having a good picture is necessary. Once a bad image about you is implemented in people’s mind, it is pretty hard to change it.

So as you can see, a real estate agent you need to make people sure that you are not a fraud. Almost 100% of people clicks forward from advertisements that has no thumbnail or detailed visual description. Link it to a reportable social media profile to be even better. Make it tidy and honest and you will see the difference.

After all, being visual is essential, but always presenting yourself genuinely is the most important for you own success and support. Here you can update your pictures and create a profitable profile.