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General advice for real-estate agencies: making contact, creating advertisements

A successful real-estate agent is familiar with all things current, and, employs them as well. They pay attention to the tiniest details of the whole selling process, so that everything should go as planned. But what is it exactly that you need to pay attention to?

Keeping in touch - social networking sites

Social networking sites today offer more people to reach than with traditional methods (e.g.: newspaper ads, word of mouth), so it is a good idea to use them. Register to multiple sites and update them at least daily. Think about it: what would a potential client think if they just arrived at our site only to find a rarely updated page.

general advice for real estate agencies: making contact, creating advertisements

The conclusion they might draw is that the agent is lazy, does not pay attention to their social networking sites even though it would take a few clicks each day. Don't let users think that about you.

Choose your posts from different topics, keeping the 80/20 ratio: most of our posts should be about something that is not closely related to real-estate, while the rest, the 20% should be about promoting the real-estates for sale.

These posts can be text-based, contain images and videos and a blend of these items (within the framework of the specific networking site). Take your time to create these posts and share only the best ones with your followers. Use only high-quality images and videos.

Pay close attention to the timing of the posts: you can get the most views if you publish your posts in the most active time period. To choose the best time, use the aid of the statistics provided by your business account (depending on the site).

Using social networking sites is not a complex process; still, you need to pay attention to quite a lot of things. However, it has numerous advantages, so the time and energy you put into it will be worth your while.

Advice on online real-estate advertisements

A good real-estate ad consists of text and images (and maybe video), so you need to pay close attention to their quality. It should stand out from all the other ads (if it is being displayed on an advertising site), and you should use the most appealing picture that was taken.

general advice for real estate agencies: making contact, creating advertisements

Text of the advertisement

Pay attention to how you word your advertisement: the more people notice your ad, the better your chances will be to sell the real-estate. Highlight its more important features, like why it is worth choosing this one instead of any other on the list. Put emphasis on how you select your title, since that is the first impression you'll make on the client, in addition to the main image.

Images of the advertisement

In order to take the best photos of an apartment, you need to clean it and tidy it up. Clients aren't looking for a luxury-castle, but a place that they can call their home, so you may forgot the flashy elements of decoration.

If you are done with the above, wait for the brightest point of the day (or use lamps, for example) and take multiple photos of the rooms in that time period. Then, choose the most appropriate ones for your advertisement.

Whatever camera you employ (smartphone, DSLR), there are a few guidelines to keep to make the available space as large as possible. E.g.: don't take photos of parallel walls, standing in the doorstep while taking photos, etc.

general advice for real estate agencies: making contact, creating advertisements

Further tips

It is strongly advisable to attach the floorplans of the apartment; you can do this with all kinds of programs on the internet by inputting the exact measurements.

You can also create a video tour of the apartment, room by room. Like with the pictures, you should leave out a couple of details to peak the curiosity of prospective buyers.

Also, if you keep to the above, there will be many interested parties, therefore, you should prepare in advance for the additional questions they may ask.