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Easy yet effective marketing ideas for real estate agents

Those good old times are long gone when buyers were looking for properties in newspaper advertisements or calling real estate agents based on telephone books. These methods had been replaced by online searching so it is essential for an agency to be present on the social media platforms and use the online and offline possibilities given by 21st century.

Let’s have a look at these possibilities:


1. Internet database

Let’s think it through how our customers find us. They Google on it, they might write something like „real estate agency” and the name of a city. We will be given a name that is on a website highly ranked by Google, or from an internet database.

It is vital to be registrated in a database that collects and represents all agents, because those who are not in these databases are already losing a lot of clients.

All of these databases are constantly advertising themselves on the internet and through this they declare agents and agencies in their database. So as you can see, it is already a good way to increase popularity.

Their websites are always configured to be up to date on search engine optimization. Thanks to this and the flood of information, Google’s search engines will likely put them on top search results.

easy yet effective marketing ideas for real state agents

2. Facebook activity:

The best of social media nowadays is definitely Facebook with its more than 2 billion users. Therefore there is no wonder why mentioning social websites you adequately think of Mark Zuckerberg’s idea. It is also easy to create an account, but how should a real estate agent share content on this platform.

It is higly recommended to keep the 80/20 rule: 80% of the content supposed to be customer centered, while the remnant 20% should be strictly about the advertisements. We reach our highest usage if we share content according to our proximate environment’s news, events and deals. These features will help us not to be considered an advert site only.

Apply these by all means when using Facebook:

  • Facebook statistics tools
  • Allow rating on your Facebook page
  • Create your own group or join an existing one
  • Instead of cover photo use a video
  • Use „live” function and sign up a couple of live streaming dates.
  • Make or make someone create you panoramic pictures, 360° photos and videos
  • Get acquainted with and use chatbot function on Facebook messenger


easy yet effective marketing ideas for real state agents

3. Instagram photos in the name of vogue

There is no better platform for real estate agencies than Instagram and it seems obvious why: it has more than 700 million users who daily gives 4,2 billion likes to pictures.

Another helpful feature is its userfriendly surface which is mainly visited from mobile devices and tablets – this ensures more visibility, strenghtening brands and if targeting works well, then a more active interaction between brand and user.

Pictures can tell the whole story of the particular property thus visually appealing photos are substantial. Use professional devices, moreover using 15 sec videos is an even better strategy when it comes to property sales.

4. Tweet your ads

Maybe it is not as widely used as Facebook, but Twitter is not a platform any real estate agent would want to miss. The briefness of tweets makes it perfectly capable of generating leads. The more tweets you post, the more lead you generate. A lead can drive to a possible reaction of users which can be asking for a call-back or bid, so definitely some kind of interest in your service.

easy yet effective marketing ideas for real state agents

5. Use LinkedIn

When it comes to professional social websites, LinkedIn is the top platform – although it has less user (467 million) than Facebook, but it offers possibilities like group panel discussion, private messaging and blogging.

All agents and investors should be here since you can create contacts with professional communities online. Photosharing works, but it’s a more appropriate place for sharing deep analytical articles and interesting, profession oriented topics.

6. Social adverts

Nowadays it is easy to recognize that even if you appear on proper websites, have social pages, you will still need to advertise our products,company and service on online platforms to reach more people.

Certainly it costs money, but consider being published in a popular daily newspaper. You would have had to pay a decent amount of money and still your ad wouldn’t be segmented hence it reaches out to everyone and not only your targets.

That is also a reason why it is important to have and update social profiles. On most social sites, like Facebook, you can run adverts. These are becoming more and more popular, bacause you can target people who might be interested in your services.

7. Newsletter

Newsletter is one of the best online marketing strategy, so make sure you dig out all exploitable possibilities.

But why? Because if someone once gave an e-mail address to you, then you can reach them for free or at a very low cost and you are able then to send them relevant content that will pique their intererst.

You can guide people to adequate sites in newsletters by implementing links.

There is another reason why it is important to use newsletter:

We made it clear that online adverts are necessary to reach a wide range of people and to become more popular. Social platforms are perfectly playing this role, where you can advertise segmentally.

These advertisments cost money. But if you have a good newsletter-sending system and platforms with signing up possibilities on your sites, then there is a high probability that most of the users – thanks to succesfully used marketing technics – will sign up for your newsletter.

From then on you can send new information and offers for free for those who asked for it.

Accordingly, combining social sites advertisements with newsletter sign up possibility does not only mean gaining new users who will read our contents, but also spares money since we don’t have to run paid adverts again.

easy yet effective marketing ideas for real state agents


Brochures, printed material

Online platforms firmly overshadowed traditional material made by printing techincs, but they still have their role in sales.

When you are trying to merchandise something exclusive, then personal interaction is indispensable. This is when you give your calling card which is a great marketing tool as itself, and you give brochures, as well.

Another advantage of printed material is that they are physically real. Touchable and possesssable and that is something keen for human nature.

Books are a very good example for this. Today in our fast-moving world everything is digital. We have a kindle in our hands and could read a whole bibliotheque. There is a time and place for this, but there is still a vast part for traditional printed books,because there are atributes that nothing can replace such as the smell and touch of the pages inbetween.

It is useful to have a brochure even if it only contains your contact details, data and pictures that couldn’t fit on your calling card.

It is useful to produce a printed brochure (it can be a single piece of paper) when trying to sell a property of high value, because a buyer wants to sit down at home and have a look at it physically to be reassured.


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