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Urge customers without haste

Pushing clients and rush them into a decision has never ever been rewarding. Maybe in the spur of the moment it is, but having unhappy customers on the long run will never satisfy your business.

Creating a sense of urgency in realtors’ clients

1. Be just without being unfair

It is hard to keep balance and know when it is time to act when you are a customer - in case a better offer, a more suitable house comes along - but as an agent, you need to know when to pull the trigger to create a healthy gravity of the situation.

2. Time is the essence

When we say urgency, it comes with the connotation of time or in a period of time. If these too things are not linked with a legitimate issue in buyer’s heads, then it all comes to nothing. Don’t push clients into a decision, because if they regret it later on, you will be the one to blame at the end of the day.


Create the sense of urgency in subtle ways instead. Make sure you surveyed properly your customers and their needs, and show them properties they can’t resist. Or create terms with a desirable price they can’t turn their back on.

3. Make it worthwhile

Create conditions in which you can show the reasons why now is the best time to act. Basically every case is unique and depends on a certain situation, but if you make a good research and show homes to your clients as close to their expectations as possible, then you might not even need to speed things up - they will be fast anyway.


4. Survey intentions

When things are getting carried away, just do one quick check to make sure the customer(s) actually wants to make a long time commitment now. Ask them directly and roll on from there based on their answer.

As a real estate agent it’s a great thing to create urgency, but one thing is more important. Give a stunning customer service first and make sure your client is satisfied in all other ways.